Bad Credit FAQs

Will I qualify?

There are no pre-determining factors for auto loans – everyone qualifies. The specifics concerning the terms and conditions are the only component liable to change depending on each individuals’ application. Fresh Start Auto Credit works alongside you to make sure that these elements are the best they ca be!

How do I apply?

Simply fill out the necessary information indicated on our application page and you are well on your way to getting your next loan!

My Credit Score isn’t very good. Can I still apply at Fresh Start Auto Credit?

Absolutely. While bad credit may seem like a reason for concern, at Fresh Start Auto Credit we treat each submission unique and analyze your situation to ensure that the impressions reflect your present and not the past. We have assisted people just like you in acquiring the financing you deserve.

After I’ve submitted to Fresh Start Auto Credit how long should I expect to wait before it has been processed?

Our process has been optimized to ensure that your submission is reviewed and you are reached out to in the shortest period of time possible. Many enjoy a turn-around the same day the application is submitted.

How much will payments be?

There is no straight-forward answer to this question. The amount will depend on the vehicle, make, model, and plan that you are looking for. Even so, our staff specialises in working with you to determine the budget and payment process that best reflects your needs, expectations, and income.

I want to apply but I was worried about fees, are there any?

No! Applying with Fresh Start Auto Credit you don’t have to worry about additional or hidden fees. Simply fill in the required information, let us look it over, and we’ll contact you as shortly as possible.

Is my personal information safe when I apply?

Entirely. Fresh Start Auto Credit uses a top-notch security system to assure every applicant’s information is completely secured and encrypted for our mutual protection.


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It was so fast I thought it was a mistake

“Not really more to say. I had my loan without the trouble that I used to have with banks. I sent in my application and I got a response faster than I believed possible.”



I needed a car loan

“There wasn’t a long process or questions. Just a quick sheet and then I was approved. I recommended this to my friends and my family. Just great. ”

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