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At Fresh Start Auto Credit we support a strict policy of helping our customers get the financial support they need to improve their lives. It’s really that simple. While other companies may force you to submit detailed accounts and summaries of credit, purchases, and personal details, at Fresh Start Auto Credit we expect you to submit only the necessary information to get you the credit you deserve. This is what separates us from the faceless companies, we take the time to look over your unique situation and analyze it from a perspective that puts who you are now first. Why spend the time and effort feeling criticized by people for decisions that are no longer relevant? You don’t have to and with Fresh Start Auto Credit you won’t. Apply easily online and let us be your gateway to a better tomorrow.

The trusted name of the Jonker Auto Group has been around for over twenty-years and has succeeded in establishing deep community roots and connections with families across the province. It’s this mentally that has fueled the growth and expansion to offer a variety of services including financial services. Our commitment to you comes first. There’s no need to expend any more energy fighting for what you deserve.

When it comes right down to it, trusting with a company that has worked its way up and built a reliable foundation of customer-facing services is always going to be the better option. It starts with filling out a form and ends with you receiving the financial support you are owed. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about what Fresh Start Auto Credit can do for you.


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It was so fast I thought it was a mistake

“Not really more to say. I had my loan without the trouble that I used to have with banks. I sent in my application and I got a response faster than I believed possible.”



I needed a car loan

“There wasn’t a long process or questions. Just a quick sheet and then I was approved. I recommended this to my friends and my family. Just great. ”

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